Woman by day, slasher by night

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The college student with too much damn time on her hands XD

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Date Created:1-10-2006
Number of Posts: 512

A hard working rancher/college student, kos-mos's whole life changed when she discovered the joys of slash. Nowadays she can find slash in anything and everything with minimum effort. If seen, please return to address written on her name tag, the family misses her.
Strengths: Friendly, loyal, sense of humor, fic writer, bitchiness, Double D boobs!
Weaknesses: Slash, Chocolate, 'The Flavor of The Month' man, money, Mary Sues
Special Skills: Slasher instincts, cliff-hanger endings, smex scenes
Weapons: Falcon Punch! Epic Boobage. Plot Bunnies. 100lb black lab that loves to drool
Slasher: Attractive boys beware, you could be next on her slash list!

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Dethklok is one fucked up metal love